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Enjoy a gift set with some of our most popular kitchen products. The gift set includes the award-winning magnetic dishcloth holder Steel, the magnetic Dish Brush & Sponge Holder and 3 knitted dishcloths in the OEKO-TEX© certified cotton. Get to grips with the bacteria in your sink and use the organic dishcloths with a clear conscience.

The gift set is a perfect as a gift for a host or someone who just moved into a new place.

The giftset includes:

1 Magnetic Dishcloth Holder 

1 Magnetic Dish Brush & Sponge Holder

3 Organic knitted dishcloths

The Magnetic Dishcloth Holder

With a magnetic dishcloth holder for your kitchen sink, you achieve better kitchen hygiene with a minimalist design. Your dishcloth gets a fixed discreet space in the sink where it will dry quickly while being out of sight, but always ready for use. You can choose between our bendable Dishcloth Holder Flex or Dishcloth Holder Steel.

See full product description Dishcloth Holder Steel here  ➜

Magnetic Dish Brush & Sponge Holder

The Magnetic Dish Brush & Sponge Holder gives your dish brush and sponge a discreet place to dry in your kitchen sink. The holder is designed so it does not collect water anywhere. Your sponge will dry quickly without collecting any bacteria.

Read more about the Magnetic Dish Brush & Sponge holder here

Choose the right Magnetic Holder for your Kitchen Sink

If you have a sink in composite material like granite or Corian, you need to use a holder with extra strong countermagnets. To get the holder with extra strong counter magnets, choose "special sink" under kitchen sink type.

Knitted Dishcloths

The knitted dishcloths are in organic OEKO-TEX© high-quality cotton with high suction capacity. A more environmentally friendly choice than most regular dishcloths.

Read more about the Knitted Dishcloths here

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