Magnetic Dish Brush & Sponge Holder

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This smart holder has room for both your sponge and dish brush. They hang discretely in the sink, ready for use, but out of sight, keeping your area around the sink clean and tidy.  

The holder is designed so that it doesn’t collect water. Your sponge will dry quickly without collecting bacteria. 

How to use the Magnetic Dish Brush & Sponge Holder 

The sponge holder is easy to mount. It attaches to your sink using a set of powerful magnets on both sides of the sink and is easily removed again. 

You only have to attach the counter magnet at the back of your sink once. The counter magnet is designed with a tail, so it's easy to reach it. The holder comes with one adhesive to stick on the tails of the counter magnet, so it stays in place when you take the sponge holder off and on the sink, when cleaning it. 

Tip: The Sponge & Dish Brush holder can be used directly on any metallic surface.  

Choose the right holder for your sink 

The Magnetic Dishcloth Holder comes in 2 versions. One for stainless-steel sinks and one for sinks made of composite material such as Corian. Sinks made from composite material require stronger magnets because the sink is thicker. If you have a sink made from composite material, choose “special sink” under “sink type”. Please note that the holder does not work on classic French porcelain sinks. 

If in doubt about which type of sink you have, check out our FAQs.

Product Contents: 

1 Sponge & Dish Brush Holder 

1 Counter Magnet  

1 Adhesive 

Get the Dish Brush & Sponge Holder in a gift set 

You can also buy the Sponge & Dish Cloth Holder in a gift set together with our magnetic hooks in our mini gift set for the kitchen or the luxury gift set where you get our magnetic dishcloth holder, sponges & brush holder and 3 custom knitted, eco-friendly dishcloths in organic cotton.   

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